About PREP, Inc.

There are more studies by more researchers on more continents on variations of PREP, Inc. than ANY relationship education program for couples that’s ever existed.

The Gold Standard

PREP, Inc. is the gold standard for the development and dissemination of evidence-based relationship education curricula, as verified by the number, size, and scope of randomized controlled studies, (RCT's), conducted using PREP, Inc.

Proven Strategies

PREP, Inc. draws upon proven strategies from cognitive behavioral couples therapy (practical skills) as well as research on commitment and relationship development. Core themes include communication, conflict management, emotional safety, commitment, expectations, friendship, problem-solving, and emotional support.

Proven Effects

PREP, Inc. is one of only a few programs to be rated as efficacious in reviews of evidence on relationship education approaches We also want to note that in one of the largest fully randomized controlled trials ever conducted in the history of the field, couples in the PREP, Inc. track showed a substantial divorce reduction effect compared to the control group.
For a master list of PREP, Inc. evaluation studies: PREP Research

The PREP Approach: Global Reach

The PREP Approach has been widely received worldwide in 15 countries and has been translated into 5 languages. To learn more about PREP's global reach we have developed a series of short videos by PREP's Founder Howard Markman. Click here to watch.

Who Uses PREP, Inc.

PREP, Inc. is used by a variety of types of community groups serving local populations across the United States. Also using the PREP Approach are companies who have discovered that PREP, Inc. is perfect for building skills in yet another environment, the workplace. Governmental agencies, the U.S. military therapists, professors, international groups, and international government agencies are also on board in bringing healthy relationships to couples and individuals through the implementation of the PREP Approach.

Over 1,000,000 individuals have participated in PREP or adaptations of PREP.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published report, PREP, Inc. was cited for being "a program that works with couples to build and strengthen relationship skills including communication and conflict management skills. The program shows evidence for preventing later IPV." The report also states, "The intervention group [using PREP] also had significantly higher levels of positive communication skills and lower levels of negative communication than the control group." Contact us for the study.

The Institute of Medicine

The Institute of Medicine released a report, Frontiers for Preventive Intervention Research, which singled out the most promising, empirically based approaches to prevention currently available in various domains. The PREP program was one of only six programs in the adult category to be included. Click here

30+ years of Highly-Competitive

& Nationally-Recognized Scientific Research:

The PREP Approach is based on over 30 years of basic science and outcome research in the field of marital health and success. Research that included many studies conducted at the University of Denver and funded by the National Institute of Mental Health or the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (in the form of various grants awarded to Dr. Howard Markman, Dr. Scott Stanley, Dr. Galena Rhoades, and their colleagues –funding does not imply endorsement).